Your dream of wearing glasses, and loving your eyeglasses

When I was a little girl, my mother told me: “if you want to be a teacher, you should wear glasses when you have grown up.” So in my little heart, glasses were something holy. When I saw someone who wore glasses, I would rush to him and ask: “Are you a teacher?”

Then I went to school, where I saw a great many persons who wore glasses. One day, I told my mother: “Mom, I will try my best to wear glasses in the future. I will be a teacher who wears glasses.” Unexpectedly, my math teacher who also wore glasses heard about it. He asked: “How nice your eyes are! But why do you want to wear glasses?” I looked at his eyeglasses, carefully answered: “I like glasses as I feel like being a teacher just like you.” My math teacher burst into a big smile, “Do you know what eyeglasses are made of? It is glass which is transparent. Similarly, the knowledge we are learning is as transparent as glass, which is essential for a teacher. Little girl, you must love glass before you wear glasses.” What he said gave me a pretty deep impression though I indeed could not get it.

Afterward, I went to senior school where I still dreamed to wear glasses in the future. Though it had been years since my math teacher said those words, I still thought of what he said frequently.

The lessons of science were quite difficult for some girls, including me. For a long time, I was upset about my study because the lessons were just like my enemy against me. Sometimes I would spend so much time working through a math puzzle, which made me almost crazy. My mother was willing to give me a hand but unable to do so as well. She had never said that I should wear glasses to become a teacher since I went to senior school. One day, I was engaged in a math question when suddenly a pair of glasses came into my eyes. My mom passed the glasses to me with these words, “If you want to be a teacher, you should wear glasses.” Meanwhile, the words said by my math teacher came to my mind. One must love glass before wearing glasses. Before I am a teacher, I must do a good job in math. Before my doing math well, I just love math. From then on, I try to get rid of math. As a consequence, math became my friend, and I made big progress.

Now I still keep the dream to wear glasses as before. What is more, I love glass at the same time. I keep the belief that you must love glass before wearing glasses. I have not seemed my math teacher who gave me much inspiration and assistance for years. But I will keep him in my memory forever.

With keeping your dream of wearing glasses, and loving your eyeglasses, you gain most in your life. I believe that I will wear my dream glasses one day shortly.