You will have a good eyesight with proper prescription glasses

As we all know, the eye is a window of one’s soul, which means that eyes are very important to everyone. In this aspect, I find it hard to judge glasses are enemies or protectors to our eyes.

We are always taught to protect our eyes since we were young, we have learned much knowledge to protect our eyes, such as, you had better read in bright light, it’s bad to read when you are in the bed…… at that time we have to do eyes exercise in the brake time every day. Despite that, most of us have become nearsighted; we can’t live better without prescription glasses.

Now, I want to talk about the relationship between glasses and myself. In a word, glasses are not only my enemy but also my friends, I want to drop them, while I don’t have the ability to leave them, I am not sure that I can live normally without my glasses. It might sound unbelievable, you might think it is easy to work and study without prescription glasses even you are a little nearsighted, but if you are me, you will understand the distress when you deeply nearsighted.

To make you easily understood my story, I can tell you the terrible eyesight I have. I have worn glasses for nigh on ten years since I was a primary student. I still remember the first glasses I wore, as a child, I just felt my world became blurred as the degree of my eyesight increasing, and I can’t understand what had happened to me, the condition continued for several years, my parents thought wearing glasses can’t make my eyesight better, they choose to do nothing with my terrible eyesight. It is obvious that the condition of my eyesight had influenced my study deeply, I can’t see the words the teacher wrote on the blackboard, so I always copied my messmate’s notebooks, day after day, finally, I told my parents that the trouble on my eyes cannot be ignored, I need a pair of glasses. From then on, I have to replace my glasses every year because the condition of my eyesight became bad in an uncontrolled direction.

The trouble of becoming nearsighted doesn’t disappear due to glasses, on the contrary, the matters just become more and more. So far, I wear glasses all the time all the way. If I take off my glasses, then I can’t see your face cleanly even we are face to face. To a degree, I’m restricted by the glasses, when I walk through the basketball court, I always afraid that if the ball hits my glasses; I dare to do some violent sport. What is more important, as a girl, just like other girls, I feel self-abased because of my glasses, in the deep inside, I hope I can see the world clearly without the heavy glasses, I hope I can laugh without any burden.

Friends, I trace back my story, now I understand what I want you all to keep in mind is regarding your eyes as treasure whatever you have good eyesight.