You are on longer that simple since you have the eyeglasses

“Finally, a dream comes true; I’m not ordinary, henceforth!” Standing on the stage, which attracted numerous people’s eyeballs, I’m so excited in my heart. At the same time, I help the glasses carefully, because of them, I’m able to be proud of my living and be proud of myself.

“Miss Ming, it is said that this is a magic eyeglasses, with the help of which, one can see another’s the inner world.”

“An angel sent it to you, is that right? Please give a detailed glasses description of the sense of that day?”

A crowd of reporters was around me tightly. I said nothing but nodded my head gracefully. I knew all these means that from now on, I would experience a distinctive life. In life, I would…

Doing the same work once again, I wore that magic glasses, staring at the criminal suspect who seemed to be in a panic. And the group of police was looking at me eagerly,” is it him, Miss Ming?” Eventually, they couldn’t wait to ask me.” Not him, even thong he had the motivation to crime, he had no chance. Also, he had no guts. The real murderer was the deed’s wife”

“Ah, you didn’t do it; you don’t need to be nervous. What can the glasses see is nothing but the truth?” Saying the words, I stepped out of the police station handsomely. All of a sudden, I turned over my head and yelled at the policemen: Don’t be always bothering me, I’m very busy, ok?”

“Yes, we know. We are all grateful for your assistance. The reward of your work will be in your account…”

“En, en” I interrupted them and nodded my head impatiently.
Alas, once a person became famous, all things were meant to have a huge change. Now, even the mayor elections would call on me to see whose inner was pure. However; the number of that kind of person who had the qualities was so little.

“Since I knew you, I took you as my best friend. I think you also think so. Until now, I know that I was wrong. In your heart, you take me as your opponents, even sometimes you envy me.” I was so depressed by my friend’s inner thoughts. What’s worse, all my friends left me.

“Ming, you have changed. At times, we even doubt that if we know you. You are on longer than simple since you have the eyeglasses. You become falsehood yourself and look down on everybody else! As the saying goes: In the world, there are no completely perfect people! So, don’t be too strict with the world. No one can have a secret!”

They left, only left me these words.

I understand that I am wrong. The world may not become like a piece of blank paper. Ordinary is true. Now I only have one dream—Find the angle, return the glasses and do it myself!