Why Poeple Wear Eyeglasses?

When I was a child, I believed that wearing a pair of eyeglasses was fantastic. Because it is almost widely acknowledged that the person who wears a pair of glasses looks more gentle, mature, and intelligent. Based on this opinion, I used to wear my sister’s glasses furtively and imitate her by making different kinds of faces. After satisfied with my new image, I returned it quickly, and it was just like no one touched it which is as new as it before. At that moment, I enjoyed this very much. Seen from now, it has become a terrific memory of my childhood.

It was until I progressed to middle school that something began to change my mind. As a consequence of Heavy schoolwork, my eyes were going to be myopia, end up with a pair of glasses on my nose. At first, I didn’t take it seriously, and I even felt pride:I am a straight-A student, which can be witnessed by the glasses. However, with the continuous improvement of glasses degree,I was going to suffer the inconvenience brought by the glasses. For instance, at the table, the steam burst out from the dish would cover my glasses, as a result, I couldn’t see anything clearly; when doing exercise, it was easy to throw my glasses down and broken them; wearing glasses too long, will make your eyes deformation resulting in an ugly face. So sometimes, it really hated me when I had to put on and off my glasses for different reasons again and again. I regret it that I shouldn’t wear the glasses so facile and my story is a good example for the proverb: every coin has two faces.

Now, I try not to wear glasses except for classes as much as possible. As a consequence, everything is so fuzzy in my daily life. So I really look forward to a distinct world without glasses on my nose.

However, if you were a person good at thinking about what happened at hand, you would find something interesting.

Some people wear glasses because they really need them. Those people we may call them Pragmatists,who may make full use of their resources and push their ability to the limit. Others wear glasses to fulfill their own dreams. Those people may be nuts about fashion. They follow fashion at any time to quiet their dancing mind.

At different ages, different minds, you may find that even towards the something, you will show out different attitudes. So sometimes, attitude counts a lot instead of ending.