When I wear my glasses, the world is totally different

When I wear my glasses, the world is totally different from the former one.

Before I owned the glasses, I couldn’t observe the world clearly because of my short-sight eyes. At then, everything is smooth: the sunshine is pleasantly warm, the sky is clear, the river is clean, the weather is gentle and kind, the animal is docile, the people are refined and cultivated, the whole world is wonderful, beautiful, and pleasing to the eyes.

But the moment I wear my glasses, everything is changed beyond recognition rapidly. This time, things are all with edges and corners: the sunshine is dazzling, the sky is muddy, the river is dirty, the weather is terrible, the animal is violent, which is repulsive in appearance, the people is sham, hollow and blind, who seek fame and gain greedy, the whole world is hideously ugly.

As is described above, the two worlds are opposite absolutely. Why there is so big a difference between watching the world through the glasses or not? Maybe the real society is awkwardly filthy indeed.

As is known to us all, in the 18 century, The First Industrial Revolution took place in England. From that moment on, has gone through three times science and technology revolutions, the economy of the whole world is increasing with a really great speed. Meanwhile, the high level of the residents’ living standard contributes to the expansion of the material desires; people are overtaken by an urge to inquire more money, fame, and wealth generation after generation.

Compared with the imaginary one, the real world is cast into the shade. Then, it is what we can see. Everyone is looking for a high position and handsome salary unscrupulously. We can always be informed of their continual examples around us, such as a certain official take awful bribes instead of serving people's hearts and souls, a film star or a singer exchange the opportunity with her loyalty otherwise spare no efforts to work hard. Of course, they all reach a point of no return. Also, the environment is polluted by deforesting trees, burning fossil materials, and drain off wastewater.

These scandals that exist in our society are enough to make us ashamed. However, people seem to fail to take into account the fact that these things are all caused by us. I think it is the very time for us to interrogate and question ourselves seriously. Why did the world change into a so terrible situation on earth? What horrible things will happen if we don’t mend the ways properly? Who is responsible for this? I can say that the answers are clearly obvious.

With global demand and emissions rising so fast, an increasing number of people are beginning to realize that we can’t only be satisfied with the comfort of our body, many serious problems are out of sight.

In closing, I want to say, we can’t be blind to these ugly performances anymore; we should think twice before we act. Besides, because everything is of great difference when the glasses are worn and picked up, just as the old saying goes:” wrong decision made in a moment of weakness.” The world that is hidden in my glasses is my true calling, and I wish it will come true someday shortly.