What Do Glasses Mean?

In terms of structure, eyeglasses are no more than two pieces of glass studded in a framework. If anything, it’s the assistant of our eyes.

In ancient times, there were definitely myopias. But at that time, no one had a reasonable way to deal with the problem. Believe it or not, the invention of glasses is actually a joke. Two Netherlands kids were once playing games with glass. When two different pieces were put together, the miracle happened. Through them, the kids found the remote scenery so clear. Not so long after that, glasses came to light. Since then, short-eyed men met their dawn. Glasses are so unbelievable that they gave lots of people hope and joy. It gave those who miss the faraway mountains the opportunity to share the twinkling stars with other people. It also helps old men finding staring at near objects difficult the ability to read books so smoothly. Glasses become the friend of human beings and an attachment to us to some extent. Especially in modern society where an increasingly larger crowd of myopias appears, glasses show their briefness; harmlessness, and convenience while helping people explore the world and observe nature.

Since eyeglasses are widely used around us, I have a desire for them as guys with them seem to be more knowledgeable. Maybe I should feel lucky for avoiding it till now. But it does have its own way to shape one’s character. No matter it’s for TV or reading, after becoming short-sighted, rude students will be conveying a sense of calmness to people around. While there’s no evidence that it does have this special effect, many people are just fond of the feeling. It even gives birth to a kind of culture - the glasses culture.

And nowadays, eyeglasses culture is spreading. The function of glasses is not restricted to modify our eyes anymore. It achieves success in many other spheres. For example, many actors wear glasses only as decoration and the glasses are actually flat. Sunglasses can protect eyes from the harm of the shining sun. Even divers need a pair of glasses to keep water off their eyes so they can get a good sight. In a word, glasses are gradually finding their way into the deeper essence of our society.