Wearing glasses has gradually become the most common thing

In the last few years, wearing glasses has gradually become the most common thing amongst us, and I and my three other roommates, for instance, are just part of them. But what does a pair of glasses ever bring you? I’m convinced that ‘ a clearer world ‘ will be the top answer. Yet it is not always the case. For me, glasses have given me far more than mere picturesque scenery, but impressive progress in the process of my growing up.

Before attending school, I had learned from many cartoons that scientists and professors invariably wore glasses. As a result, it left me the impression that glasses were the symbol of knowledge, and what’s more, it was an honor to wear them.

However, when I started my study at primary school, instead of adoring those students who wore glasses, I thought them strange and odd and even poured a bit of scorn on them. It was not because my admiration toward scientists and professors died down, but my surroundings around me had exerted a subtle influence on my mind which made me believe that shortsightedness was to be a sort of defect.

Life always seems to play jokes on us, and I sent myself into an embarrassing situation that I had to wear glasses at the time when I was in my junior high school, for the simple reason that I could hardly see the teachers’ handwriting on the blackboard clearly. I still remembered how I felt when I entered the classroom with a pair of blue-framed glasses for the first time. I felt so shameful that my face was burning. It seemed as if all the students were looking at me and discussing me, or my glasses, with contempt and put me into the same class with those who I had ever looked down upon. I kept silent for a few days and in the meantime, I dreaded being left out by my friends. Yet things did not go as bad as I had expected. And my friends treated me as usual. Later, they told me that they had thought I did not want to join them the last few days, so they just gave me some private space. At that moment, I was shocked and then deeply moved by their thoughtful consideration. It dawned on me how naive and pretentious I had been, and it is my personality and character, but not my appearance or something superficial that matters when I make friends with others. And above all, just as an old saying goes ‘ All men are created equal ‘, one man with a pair of glasses can still push his way to great success, and he deserves the respect from others as well.

Recognizing the right criteria I should use to judge a person and what attitude I should hold when getting along with others, I was extremely ashamed of having been so contemptuous toward people wearing glasses and I changed my mind completely. From then on, I began to treat people around me with heart and soul, and from this, I even changed my outlook on life into a more positive and wise way, and it marked the beginning of a new era in my life.