We should treat eyeglasses as our friends

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. It is not until now that I understand what it means.

However, when I was a child, I liked wearing glasses. It seems to me that not only do glasses make people look beautiful and cool, but also they mean that who wears eyeglasses is broad and profound. As a result, I was always secretly wearing my father’s glasses. I looked forward to being a person with myopia so that I could have a pair of glasses.

In junior high school, I wore glasses finally. I wearing glasses was so excited, even though Mom kept saying that wearing glasses would bring a lot of trouble and that I have to protect my eyesight. But I still didn’t feel so bad. Gradually, things happened to change.

It was inconvenient for me to do fomenting that I was wearing glasses. For example, when steam touches the cold glasses, it condenses and becomes water again. Meanwhile, people wearing glasses become less attractive.

In these circumstances, I no longer wear eyeglasses at any time, which was gradually forgotten in my spectacles case. Also, with the growth of knowledge, I have some prejudice that I do not wear it to see the outside world, feeling trapped in a small view framed.

At present, I can not see anything without prescription glasses, which I realized the importance of glasses.

In the end, I hope those who have good eyes should pay attention to the protection of their eyes regularly, while those who have worn eyeglasses should treat their eyes and glasses well instead of hating them. So we should treat them as our friends.