We must learn to enjoy the world from different angles through eyeglasses

I can still vividly remember how unwilling I was to wear glasses at the beginning; after all, I was one of the few who had normal eyesight. Therefore, it depressed me to some extent. Nevertheless, there was no alternative. The poor eyesight once made me run into a piece of the windowpane, and I have to admit jokey things like this always happened. There was much difficulty in making out the objects in the distance. Much to my embarrassment couldn’t recognize the acquaintance that was waving at me.

No matter what the circumstances were at that time, I slowly grew accustomed to wearing glasses. To avoid trouble. I seldom took off the glasses. They had accompanied me in pursuit of knowledge for six years. Thus, the image of the world, in my view, is just what I see behind my glasses. It seemed impossible to imagine the world had another image. To this point; I didn’t have any doubt until a foggy day.

I was on the way to school, complaining about the changeable weather. My glasses were covered with a large number of water drops, which upset me. I had to rub at the water drops on the glasses and try to walk along the roadside without the glasses. To my surprise, I saw a vague outline of a mountain which I had seen many times. Its gentle edges and corners were totally different from what I saw before now. The mountain presented a clear image when I watched it with the help of eyeglasses; however, its sharp outline concealed its beauty. Without glasses, I ignored many small parts of the mountain, such as its sharp edges which made me feel uncomfortable. The flowers in the flower shop shocked me again and I dare say I had never imagined that they could be so cute. They looked like a piece of ink painting, lively and tender, while there were always a few small flaws ruining their perfection when I saw them with glasses. All in all, they brought me a brand new aesthetic experience. All of a sudden, I seemed to realize a principle that glasses demonstrate a world of clear beauty while concealing a world of hazy beauty at the same time. Maybe the same is true of life. It doesn’t seem necessary for us to put everything plain. In other words, looking at the world fuzzily is also the wisdom of life.

Just as JiXianlin, the prestigious literatus once said in his article that haziness was also a beauty. In my view, we must learn to enjoy the world from different angles.