Various sorts of the glasses appeal to us.

Nowadays, with the development of society, various sorts of glasses appeal to us, which play an important role in our daily lives? They are not merely tools to treat the shortsighted, but also decorations to make us appear more brilliant or cool.

There is no doubt that glasses have their own culture, which has deeply affected contemporary fashion. Often we can see the movie stars wearing their unique glasses to reveal their identities on TV. Nevertheless, it would be absurd if we change our glasses solely to impress others. I have known a friend, who can hardly be found any merit on, always enjoy dressing to make him look like a man of considerable culture. He got a pair of glasses without lenses. The shame is, of course, what he wears does not match what he talks.

Men are good at making full use of decorations to give themselves a perfect outlook. Although I am shortsighted, I rarely wear glasses and I have once regarded them as burdens when I am on the playground doing sports. Particularly, the eyeglasses will become unclear when the temperature drastically changes. What is more, wearing glasses, from my perspective, more or less isolates the eyes from the world. As is usually said, the eyes are just like the windows of one’s heart and soul. However, when we need eye contact in communication, the glasses act just like the lock of the windows and the yoke of the soul.

The glasses are simply tools. Surely we are disappointed when we expect too much on what they bring to us. It is an acquisition that made us sublimate in the essence instead of on the surface.