This is the entire story about glasses and Me

A saying goes that eyes are the window of mind, so please add two pieces of glass to protect your window. I am just joking, but actually, glasses have been a great helper for me to see my world clearly. Up to now, glasses can be called an old friend of mine for its company with me since I was a child. Therefore, it is really a long story to talk about glasses and I.

I wore a pair of glasses when I was only a little boy because there was something wrong with my eyes congenitally. However, naïve and childish, at that time rather than feeling unfair or inferior to peers, I just found it special to wear glasses. Everybody around in my class was curious about me as I was the only one having eyeglasses. Furthermore, most of us somehow believed that only intelligent ones wore glasses, so I took it for granted that I was the cleverest boy among all my classmates. Usually thinking that I performed better than anyone else (though wearing eyeglasses did not affect my actual performance); it was really a pleasure for me to wear my glasses.

Year in year out, later I started to study in secondary school. With more and more eyeglasses appearing in class, my superiority gradually faded. Instead, with the growth of age, I just felt more and more annoyed with my glasses. Owing to my vision getting worse and worse, I had to change my glasses more and more frequently to see the blackboard ahead clearly. With the widespread use of plastic in lenses, the glasses of mine got damaged more easily due to casual touch or just long-term washing. And when it came to doing intensive sports, things were getting even worse. Stricken heavily by others, knocked far away off my nose, or just crashed into pieces directly by a ball, in short, glasses had completely become a burden that I couldn’t get rid of. And I, for the first time, felt a little bit inferior to those with good eyesight.

Nowadays, as an undergraduate, I can see almost everyone wearing a pair of glasses in my class, in the library, on sports courts, and anywhere around the college. Eyeglasses have become a new kind of organ, which are so familiar and common that they are often neglected in our daily life. Compared with the old days, today there are numerous kinds of eyeglasses available on the market, and people want them not just for function but also fashion. However, as for me, those traditional ones which meet my standards of safety and durability are still my preference, because it is they that can always remind me of my past joy and pain.

Our attitude to life is always changing, just like our feeling toward eyeglasses. You may get really happy assuming that you have performed better when wearing special glasses, but you may also complain a lot when you have to buy a new pair due to another big smash on the playground. All in all, you cannot expect too much from life and the only thing you can do is just accept the coming reality, whether fair or not. This is what I learn from eyeglasses. This is the entire story about glasses and I.