the story of my glasses and me

Up till now, I’ve changed four pairs of glasses. Each pair has gone through some unforgettable memories with me.

When I was in grade six in primary school, I became short-sighted, party due to my deep affection for various kinds of books, partly due to the little attention I had paid to the protection of my eyes. I still remember that I was full of joy when I first stepped into the optical shop. At that age, I was jealous of those who wore glasses. They seemed so knowledgeable and mature to me. Though mum kept telling me the disadvantages of wearing glasses, I just turned a deaf ear to her words, joyful with my new friend. Slowly I adapt to the new lifestyle - searching for glasses right after I woke up and putting them up before going to bed.

Two years later, my first pair of eyeglasses retired, one of the legs just went off. I truly appreciated their sweet company even though wearing glasses would be a lifelong obsession with me. My second pair of glasses is possessed with a special ability - the legs can be twisted so there is no need to worry about the fracture of legs. Quite unexpectedly I hurt my new-made friends soon after I bought them. I carelessly left them about and pressed them with my hands. My friends were seriously injured: one of the optical lenses was slightly broken. Seeing what I had done to my friends, I almost burst into tears. My friends’ misery tore my heart. I rushed to the nearest optical shop. Obviously, the broken lens couldn’t be joined together; the only thing I could do was to keep firmly in mind that I should be more careful with them and treat my friend with great care. The little broken corner taught me a lesson: treasure every friendship and never do anything to hurt it.

As time passed by, I was surrounded by more and more classmates wearing eyeglasses. There seem to be more students wearing glasses than those who don’t in my high school. Sometimes I really envy those who are totally free from glasses and short-sightedness. Following is the story about my third pair of glasses. In my senior two, the class teacher rearranged our seats. Unfortunately, I was separated from my former deskmate - a diligent and kind-hearted girl from whom I learned a lot. Worse still, I was placed from the first row to the third row which made the blackboard seem somewhat obscure to me. Immersed in a low spirit, I made acquaintance with my new glasses. The next day, I showed my new glasses to my former desk mate, she said something that really touched me: Look upon your new friends like me, I’m with you, everywhere. From then on, whenever I wore my glasses, I just felt she was close to me and we shared each colorful day.

My fourth pair of glasses, also the one that I wear right now, is a present from my father as a prize for my good results of the College Entrance Examination and inspiration for further efforts in college. Frankly, they are the most good-looking and expensive glasses I’ve ever worn. Undoubtedly I believe they will be my loyal friends, share my every day at college, and remind me of my father’s expectations for me.

Such is the story of my glasses and me.