The story between glasses and me

When I was young, I thought it was so cool to wear glasses that I often imagined that if only I could have a pair of glasses of my own.

And then, what I hoped about came true. But I didn’t know that nightmare came as well. In junior two, I found that I couldn’t watch as clear as before. It was very inconvenient for me. Then my father decided to take me to the hospital. After examination, the doctor said seriously, “You should take care of your eyes. And you just need a pair of glasses.” After that, I got the first pair of glasses of my own.

When I got the new glasses, you cannot imagine how excited I was. I put the glasses on and then took them off, and put them on again. I just felt very happy, so I even didn’t know how stupid I was at that moment.

However, after several days, I came to know I was wrong. I didn’t need to be that excited. Glasses are not something cool but something troublesome. It brought me a lot of trouble. First several days I always forgot to take off the glasses before washing my face, and sometimes I rubbed my eyes directly with the glasses on my nose. And if I wore them for a long time, it seemed that they were so heavy that my nose could not suffer anymore. Glasses made my life a mass.

So I decided not to wear eyeglasses except necessary, for example, in the classes. Unfortunately, I found my life could not return to normal without glasses. For instance, when I walked in the street, suddenly somebody called my name, but I could not see clearly who he was. That is a little embarrassed in that case. Moreover, because of just wearing glasses when they were needed, the situation of my eyes was going worse. It seems that glasses become lovely of a sudden.

So I picked up the eyeglasses and strived to get used to wearing them. Now, the glasses are on my nose all day long. They are just like a part of my body.

This is the story between glasses and me. Sometimes things are not as good as what we think about, but if we learn to get used to them, things will become better. As the saying goes, if you cannot change the world, get used to it.