The lesson I have learned from my glasses

When it comes to my glasses, I can’t say more about how close they are to me. Because in my memory, since I was 11 or 12 years old, every time I opened my very eyes after a sweet dream in the morning, I would definitely find my glasses lying quietly by my pillow, giving me the first smile in a day — they do what a good friend does.

It’s funny to say that the reason why I got such a good friend is because of my curiosity in the very beginning. My parents are both nearsighted, so when I was a child, their glasses were good playthings for me. I used to put on a pair of glasses and found myself better looking with a pair of glasses on my nose. It is very easy to predict that my sight would get worse because I often wore the glasses in a very wrong way, which caused very bad damage to my undeveloped eyes. Now, I’ve become a man who can’t live without my glasses, which makes me a handsome man out of me and also gives me more opportunities to know more about my good friend.

I love playing basketball. A good basketball player needs good eyesight so that he can make good shooting. Every time I get on the court I have to wear my eyeglasses so I can see the situation on the playground clearly. Of course, glasses may cause inconvenience on the court, but to win the game, I have to fight with my glasses; this is another time in which I realize how important my glasses are to me.

It is an interesting phenomenon that every nearsighted person knows their glasses are such an important thing to them, but in everyday life, they can hardly notice their existence, they seldom think what makes the world so clear. So glasses and friends have a lot of similarities: sometimes we ignore our friends because of hard work, troubles on emotion and so on, but in case that we lose our good friends we can’t live in the world as happy as before. Glasses are the same, aren’t they?

This is the lesson I’ve learned from my glasses: we can’t take everything for granted. It is glasses that make the world so clear; it is our friends that make our life so wonderful. So please cherish your glasses, and cherish your friends.