The guy who wears glasses

When I was in primary school, we used to call someone “the guy who wears glasses” and it’s easy to find who he is. While now in the university, when we call somebody “the guy who doesn’t wear glasses”, he will also know that we are talking about him for things changed a lot during the past ten years and few students don’t wear glasses.

So why are glasses so epidemic and why more and more students need glasses? Are glasses really beneficial or they just giving us an excuse to abuse our eyes? From the point of my view, glasses can cause a lot of problems and it’s high time that we pay enough attention to our eyes and try not to depend on glasses too much. Because once we wear a pair of glasses it’s quite hard for us to get rid of it, let alone so many troubles wearing glasses may bring about. For instance, when we go into a warm room from outside in winter, chances are that our glasses will be covered with vapor and we can hardly see the surroundings clearly. What’s more, it can be dangerous and inconvenient if we wear glasses when having sports.

From the statements above, we can safely conclude that we ought to realize the disadvantages of glasses and keep an eye on the protection of our eyesight. In fact, a large number of people have already noticed that we are getting more and more used to wearing glasses instead of protecting our eyes. Absolutely it’s not a good phenomenon that mirrors people’s ignorance of protecting our eyes. However, although many people are aware of the problem, few take measures to improve the situation. We know clearly that our eyesight is becoming weaker and weaker, but we just put it on one side and turn to glasses for help.

Now we can understand why there are so many people seized by short sight. Because of glasses, we don’t need to worry about short sight, because of glasses we take short sight for granted, because of glasses we think it’s unnecessary to take care of our eyes. It’s all for glasses!

You can have a look at your glasses now, please think over it that since you brought the glasses, have your eyesight been improved? Have glasses helped you pay more attention to your eyes? If not, you’d better take off your glasses from time to time and remind yourself that it’s not the glasses but your eyes that enable you to see the world.

We have been puzzled by glasses for too long a time and neglect the protection of our eyes. As a result, more and more people are becoming short-sighted. To change the situation, we are supposed not to depend on glasses too much and try to protect our eyes as much as possible. We must keep one thing in mind that glasses are just a tool of the eyes, not the owner.