The glasses on my grandma’s nose.

In my childhood time, two things entice me very much, the candies in the store, the glasses on my grandma’s nose. The curiosity for glasses appeared in my mind tremendously along with my imminent maturity. It’s amazing! Two small pieces of glass make grandma a wise woman. Whenever she wears her glasses, she can tell my favorite tales. I wish I could have my own glasses one day shortly. But one day, after grandma finished reading the newspaper, taking her glasses off, and put them on the desk, I couldn’t help to get it. Carefully, I had them in my hand. Watching them shining. Then I put them on my nose just like my grandma did before. But they sided down quickly, why? I tried again but failed. Suddenly, I heard the sound of my grandma’s footsteps. Scared of being punished, I put them back frantically. Through I failed, I felt excited.

Later in my high school time, I found that I can’t see things clearly within 5 meters. So my mom took me to the doctor, and the doctor said that I was shortsighted, and needed to wear glasses.  I was so happy when I hearted the doctor said so. But my mom seemed not so pleased. But, who cares? The other day, my mom took me to a glasses shop near my home. I promised it’s the most beautiful shop I had ever seen before: the walls are full of shining glasses. Different color, different style. I felt I was in heaven, the glasses heaven. I chose a black metal one. They suit my face nicely. I wore them, look at myself carefully in the mirror   “Just like grandma”, I think.

But a few days later, I realized that the eyeglasses are my burden. I couldn’t run quickly to avoid them sliding down. Every time I washed my face, I needed to take them off. If I didn’t take them off for more than 2 hours, I felt dizzy. I was so regretted having them on my nose. But without them, I could do nothing.

Now I am twenty, with my glasses on my nose for a total of 3 years. They have been my friends already. There are full of temptation in everyone’s life, and in my life, they are glasses.