The glasses on my face have become one part of me

My glasses have kept me company for about seven years. I still remember the things about glasses between my best friends and me.

When I was in grade five in primary school, my best friend Xiao Yu, had the first pair of glasses in our classes. As we were all curious about those new things at that time, we wanted to own a pair of glasses as well. And about one year later, my dream came true. I told my mom I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly, so she took me to the hospital and the doctor told her my eyes had something wrong. I got shortsightedness! She was surprised and thought I read too much. So happy I was to be able to get a pair of glasses that I didn’t tell her that I like to read a book in bed before I got up in the morning.

I got my own glasses and I was proud. Every day before classes, my friend and I would take out glasses and put on them. We did feel good. And put them away carefully when classes were over.

Good time never lasts long. Soon I found them troublesome. I had to repeat the same thing every day, taking out and putting away the glasses. Besides the world in my view was always indistinct without wearing the glasses. What was worse, my eyes were tired and was always in tears! I hated my glasses and I hated myself, how can I read books on the bed? Why should I harm my eyes? However, there was nothing else I can do but put on and took off my prescription glasses every day. Actually, it is my most regretted thing.

In our life, there must be a lot of things we are regretted. Because we are ignorant, we did them. However, when we realize, it has been too late. Then we will be depressed and can’t forgive ourselves.

I think of the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde whose author is Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll is a gentleman and well known for his nobility. But he didn’t want to do a gentleman every day, and he creates a kind of medicine that can switch him to another person Mr. Hyde. As a result, that gentleman takes that medicine at night and does something evil. Time and again he couldn’t help himself and be unable to become the gentleman. Depressed and scared, he killed himself.

Dr. Jaclyn’s noble figure and my eyesight are all the important things we once owned, but we didn’t value them. When we lost them, we regretted and cried, but things will not change and that means we lose them forever. Maybe most of us have the same experience. We will never realize what we own until we lose it.

I still remember how great my eyesight was, I can see substance far away clearly when I was little. Now things have changed. The glasses on my face have become one part of me and they remind me to value the things I have.