The glasses I wear everyday always reminds me of the one who loves me

I had never thought about wearing glasses before I went to senior high school. My parents both have good eyesight. It seemed natural that I inherited the trait from them. Of course, this is one of the many things they proud of me, especially in front of those parents who are troubled with their children’s failing eyesight. I always knew they enjoyed such feelings when others came and said “How much I envy you to have a child without wearing glasses.” That’s why I suffered a lot when I began my life in senior high school.

It was supposed to be a wonderful day until I saw the blackboard in my first class. All the new friends and colorful life suddenly lost their attraction when I found myself incapable of distinguishing the words on the blackboard clearly. At first, I kept comforting myself that I just sat too far away from the blackboard. However, when I walked closer to the front after class, it didn’t turn out to be much better as I expected. My mind ran into a mess after I realized the worries were real. All I knew was that I can’t tell my parents anything about this. For one thing, they would freak out when they knew it. For another, my freedom to surf the Internet is sure to be restricted. Since my poor eyesight was all blamed on my long time spent on the computer in this summer vacation.

At school, I copied my desk mates’ notes instead of getting them directly from the blackboard. While at home, I pretended to be the child who had no problem of eye-sight I could feel that somewhere in my heart still existed my little hope for the returning of my good eye-sight…

Unfortunately, as time went by, my dream eventually broke up. In the meantime, I began to run out of my patience to be a two-sided person. Finally, I let my friends talked me into telling the truth to my parents and asking for a pair of glasses before it’s too late.

I could never forget that night. Even I got the nerve to come to my mother; I became speechless when I looked into her bright eyes. Obviously, she saw my anxiety and encouraged me in her usual way.

“I think maybe I need a pair of eyeglasses.” The tears were spinning in my eyes.
The moment I finished my words, I could see the shock in her eyes. I stood there silently, waiting for the coming storm. To my surprise, she seemed quite calm. No criticism no restriction. As if the flash of shock in her eye was just my imagination. The next day, she took me to the store and helped me select the most appropriate glasses. When the first time I wore it, she even said I looked more beautiful with it.

I can’t believe things could be that easy. I began to regret the days I suffered from my poor eyesight, like all my worries before turned out to be a funny joke. I kept this thought until one day I accidentally discovered the truth. One of my parents’ friends was curious when she found me also wearing glasses. And my mother answered randomly, saying that it happened to all children. This answer shouldn’t bother me anymore. But when I looked straight into her eye, I knew exactly that she was not telling the truth. The pain that was hidden in her eye was so clear that I didn’t understand why I hadn’t seen it before. Now I knew where her calm comes from. Because she did not really care less about it, she just pretended to be so in order to make me feel easy.

Some people spend all their lifetime searching for love without noticing that love is already there. I am lucky that I have found it Through the glasses I wear, not only can I see the world more clearly, but also I see the love of my parents that was once ignored by my innocence. Now the glasses I wear everyday always reminds me of the one who loves me and the one who I should love deeply in the rest of my life.