The glasses are my lifelong friend

“Glasses will be my lifelong friend,” I say sadly.

When I was still a pupil, things in sight became unclear, and the situation was worse and worse. But I still didn’t wear a pair of glasses. The reason was quite simple – I never thought it mattered.

It was not until I progressed to middle school that I finally had my first glasses. Surprisingly, it was as much as 350 degrees! I was so afraid that I didn’t dare to abuse my eyes anymore.

Wearing the glasses, I felt so uncomfortable. When I ate the delicious meal, the hot gas always made the sight before my eyes white, impeding my eating; When I was running, the glasses often slipped and I must put them in the proper place, which made my score lower; When I went swimming, it was still a problem whether I wearied it or not… I was so upset that I couldn’t wait to take it off. So I took care of my eyes more carefully.

To my gratification, after one year of special care, the degrees of my eyes didn’t increase. It seemed that in the coming future, I could take off my eyeglasses! Since that, every time I thought of the bright future, I felt so excited.

However, God seemed to play a joke on me. One day, just before class, I lost my glasses! It’s so bad that during the whole class, I just sat there, seeing nothing of the words the teacher wrote on the blackboard. What’s worse, I always lifted my right hand to put my glasses in the proper place without consciousness, and what I reached was only my nose. The feeling that something was missing from my heart made me upset. Finally, I had to recognize the fact that the glasses had become a part of my life, and that I should no longer ignore it, instead, taking good care of them, just like my eyes.

After that, the degrees of my eyes increased sharply to 500. It might be the punishment for my carelessness. And it also meant that the glasses would accompany me in the left temple. Though it will bring great inconvenience to me, I know clearly that without the glasses, my life won’t be total.

Now, I’m wearing my fourth glasses and protect them well. “The glasses are my lifelong friend,” I say undertone, sadly but warmly.