The Eyeglasses story is a dedication to those glasses of all kinds I ever worn

Glasses were meant to be a part of my life the moment I was pulled out from my mama’s womb. Genetically, since my mom and dad are both near-sighted, which is “myopia” in medical term, it seems to be just a matter of time that sooner or later I’ll become a duplicate of them, which sounds pretty pathetic because I used to think that wearing a pair of such stupid-ugly glasses will make me look bookish like a dummy. Anyway, Glasses indeed left me an awful impression in my early ages, only excluding one type, which is often called ‘Sunglasses’ by people! Naughty as I used to be, I often sneaked into my parents’ bedroom, stole the sunglasses of my daddy from the drawer, and put the “huge” cool-black-glass on my own little face, flaunting it to myself in front of the mirror!

Luckily, no sign could tell I was getting near-sighted till I finished my primary schooling. Actually, my eyes were piercing like an owl’s when I was little – no insect could ever escape from my hand once I caught them in my eyes. I guess the most significant reason why I didn’t get short-sighted at that moment is most of my entertainment went on outdoors. As a child, I did not even watch too much TV, either.

However, things started to change when the very first computer was brought into my home at a year of age 12. That was when for the first time I knew about computer games and once I tried them, I directly got addicted to them. Since then, my eyesight started to decline obliviously. When my parents and I finally realized what the hell was going on, it was too late – but when I found myself couldn’t see the blackboard clearly with my eyes, in the beginning, my parents and I still didn’t want me to wear glasses because once I put glasses on, my eyesight would worsen faster and faster. But afterward, we found it really didn’t work out well, for my study had been badly disturbed without wearing glasses. Then, at the year of age 13, my first pair of glasses sneeringly crept onto my nose-bridge.

My hatred of the glasses I wore didn’t fade away throughout the first year I owned them. Fortunately, I also found my way dodging it by kept it away from my face in the box once the class was over. Even though, there were still some times for which I forgot to take it off or just didn’t want to be bothered. The real strange thing is, for those times I wore my glasses and stared right into a mirror, it seemed not that stupid as I was supposed to be. In contrast, I gradually got accustomed to my look with glasses on the nose and somehow thought it made me look more like a well-behaved student loved by all the teachers. And undoubtedly, that is the aurora I could see that we might get along in a better way than I did then.

After I became a bit older, I heard that glasses were not just about a tool – ugly, conservative, and troublesome tool, they can also be made chic and smart. Meantime I was so surprised by the fact that various types of glasses ranged from sunglasses to contact lenses, are so different both in appearance and function, and a pair of glasses could be as light as a feather or as heavy as a brick!

When it comes to the story of my second glasses – I’ve already been totally trapped by the trouble of near-sight for which I have to wear my glasses whenever and wherever – I decided to choose one that visually fit me best as well as most comfortable. That’s also when I eventually grew up, to be more adaptable, realistic, and independent. Once I told myself since you have to be in a relationship with glasses, why not turn it into a friendship – to be company but enemy?

At least from now, I can see, I’ve managed to carry my wish out a long time ago – right after I wished about it.
Now I’m in black-framed glasses chosen as my third ones on my own. Many girls who saw me in that glasses said I looked cute. I feel so happy and proud of what I chose for myself – my glasses have been a part of my body, a piece of my skin.

It reminds me of a song named “Trouble is A Friend” (by Lenka) and I rename it into “Glasses is A Friend”. For me, glasses have always been like a “trouble”, which sometimes can be rather bothering that I want to get rid of, but in fact, they are the ones I can never live without!

That’s it, the story between my glasses and me – we finally have each other, and will be together forever and ever.