The Conversation in a Glasses Store

It was a deep night but a hot debate started in a glasses store.

Mrs. Glasses was the first spokesman, he said proudly: “I’m widely used. My customers include children, adults, and old people. Not only nearsighted people but also farsighted people need me. The most important reason may be that I’m convenient for people to put on as well as put off.”

Miss Contact Lenses satirized with disdain: “You are out of fashion, my friend. Young people like me better and as a result, you’ll be forgotten by them.”

Mrs. Glasses argued: “I’m also a kind of ornament. It seems that some men are more handsome after putting on suitable glasses, for glasses make them gentle and knowledgeable on the surface.”

“But generally speaking, girls are less beautiful with glasses. Believe it or not, if you hold a beauty contest for the young, the boy winner may have glasses or not, while the girl winner must be someone without glasses. What’s more, you may be a trouble for the person who does sports or dances, especially when he or she is taking part in some events. I’m useful in these situations.”

“I do have disadvantages, so do you. There are several complex steps to use contact lenses, which can be a waste of time. Meanwhile, you have a high requirement for hygiene, if people don’t pay enough attention to hygiene, they may have eye diseases or even be blind. How terrible it is!” said Mrs. Glasses.

At that time, Mrs. Rims broke in: “Young people have to wear eyeglasses mostly because they didn’t protect their eyes well. They read books, do homework, and play computer games for a long time with no rest. To some degree, both of you are troubles. I can be chosen if someone needs glasses for ornament, and at other times, people needn’t depend on you. It’s a perfect choice.”

“People do need us.” Mrs. Glasses and Miss Contact Lenses spoke with one voice.

“As far as I can consider, except the one who has eye disease, glasses are a symbol of lacking perseverance as well as having no foresight. They just think about the gains of a short time and take their healthy eyes or clear sight as victims. It takes only five minutes per hour to relax eyes but they can’t make it. I believe that if they had a chance to return to the past, most of them would treat their eyes better to avoid being nearsighted and wearing glasses.”

“The fact is that the number of nearsighted people is increasing so that we are more and more popular now. People can’t continue their daily study, work or life without our help. We should consider developing chain stores.”

“I can’t agree more. Wait and see! We are winners!” Miss Contact Lenses stressed.

“However,” said Mrs. Rims, “I’d prefer it if people didn’t need glasses.”