Thanks to the three pairs of eye glasses

Glasses came into my life four years ago. In these four years, they are always with me wherever I go, just like friends who give me a clearer seeing of the world.

I still remember clearly that a wind of sorrow attacked me

The moment I was informed of the news that I had gotten nearsighted. As a result, I was “armed “with a pair of glasses at the doctor’s suggestion. As soon as I wearied them for the first time did I see everything around me clearly, and I suddenly saw the light and began to feel relieved. From then on, glasses have been an essential part of my life.

I often imagine my glasses as friends and we are inseparable as body and shadow. Also, they act as loyal friends being around me and remedying my visual defect.” The quickest way to receive is to give; this saying applies to glasses as well. If you want to enjoy a clear visual field, you must clear your glasses regularly to keep them clean. Likewise, if you desire the kindness of others, you should not be cheap on your own kindness. When I see the world clearly and read smoothly, I cannot express my thanks for the thoughtful kindness of my glasses.

Furthermore, life has told me that growth is also a pair of glasses that enable us to see what we cannot see in childhood. The glasses named growth to let me realize many things, such as my parents’ profound love for me, the responsibility I should take for my family and myself, the efforts I should make to afford an ideal life for my parents, and so on. Understanding these things deeply, I have become more determined, braver, and stronger. With the special “contact lens”, I will always bear in mind where my direction lies and move on bravely.

After that, we should make a pair of eyeglasses for our hearts to see the shortcomings of ourselves and realize what we are pursuing. And then we can try to perfect ourselves and realize the self-value of life in the end.

Glasses bring me a clear view and remedy my visual defect, growth gives me a better understanding of life and encourages me to move on and the glasses in my heart let me get acquainted with myself, guiding me in the right direction.

Thanks to the three pairs of glasses, I have access to a clear world, the right direction, and a clear understanding of myself. I cannot thank you enough, my three pairs of glasses!