Thank you, my glasses. Thank you, my best friend

I have been wearing glasses for five years. We are like good friends, almost inseparable. Five years ago, I suffered from short-sightedness. At that time I was in junior high school, I couldn’t see all the distance clearly, such as the words on the blackboard. The world in my eyes is ambiguous.

It was my glasses that changed my life. I was able to see the world clearly and experience the beauty of things again. In this way, eyeglasses became a part of my life. I wear it every day. I put it off, only when I sleep or wash my face. At this stage, it will always stay with me quietly, beside me, waiting for me. With age, I continue to deepen the degree of the glasses which results in the retirement of my glasses. Then the new glasses of higher degrees will come and take over the work…

Eyes on me, my glasses have been the most loyal companion. I can not forget the day when it saved me. It was in Chemistry class, we did the acid-base experiment. As the conditions of primitive, we did not have any protective measures. Due to the carelessness of a classmate next to me, the acid spilled. Precisely, there was a drop of acid spilled on my glasses. If I did not wear the glasses, this matter would lead to a disastrous consequence. Maybe I would be blind. So I am very grateful for my glasses, they protected me at a crucial moment.

Of course, sometimes, it also brings me some trouble. For instance, when I eat hot pot, my glasses will steam up immediately, and then I can not see everything around me. Also, my mother said since I was wearing glasses, my eyes weren’t so bright and piercing as before. As there will be conflicts no matter how good friends, I know that some problems are inevitable, so I forgive my glasses. Compared to the benefits which it brings to me, this trouble is nothing.

I really regard my glasses as a friend of mine. Although nowadays many advanced techniques can cure short-sightedness, I am blind to them. Because I don’t need them, I have my good friend, the glasses which will help me whenever I need them. That is enough.

Thank my glasses, I can do many things I want to do without worries. Even if one day, I no longer need it, I will always remember all it brings to me.

Thank you, my glasses. Thank you, my best friend.