“Thank you, my Eyeglasses”.The only word I want to say

Nowadays, when you look around in the classroom, it is interesting to find that almost everyone wears glasses. Without exception, I’m also in the procession of “Four Eyes”.

I have a pair of very cool glasses named Tom. He has kept company with me for 5 years. Although I always forget him in the classroom, break his lens or make him covered with dust, he rarely gets angry with me. On the contrary, Tom helps me know the world and dedicates himself selflessly all the time. So I greatly appreciate his help.

When I was in junior high school, because of some bad reading habits, my eyesight was poorer and poorer. At last, I could not see anything clearly so that I had to buy a pair of glasses. On the counter, there were all kinds of glasses. I was attracted by Tom at the first sight. He had a black frame and a good figure. So I bought him without any hesitation. When I went back to school, I could not wait to show him to my classmates and they all admired his cool appearance.

Three years on from the first meeting, I began to be annoyed at him. He was not as clean as before, the color of his frame faded and a scar was in his lens. What’s worse, he was out of fashion. He could not catch others’ eyes anymore. And the invisible glasses were very popular at that time, so I abandoned Tom to get new fashionable glasses. Before I laid Tom down in the drawer, he said to me that he was glad to serve me whenever I needed him. However, he might not know this was the last time he talked to me. When I wore the new glasses, I found I was lost something.

June 7, 2009, one of the biggest days in my life, I would take part in the College Entrance Examination. Everything was prepared very well. But when I was going to wear my invisible glasses, I couldn’t find them. Where it was, where I had put it down, a lot of questions hit my mind. I became nervous and anxious because I could see nothing without eyeglasses. When I looked for it in the drawer, suddenly, I saw Tom. His eyes looked directly at me, dead on. I felt a blast of warm blood filled up my heart. He was so pleasant and kind. So I put it before my eyes and went through the exams. After I finished the last exam, my eyes were full of tears. Tom said: “You see, I’ll help you whenever you need me.” True love shows itself in time of need.

In your life, is there someone like Tom? Have you abandoned friends for your interest selflessly? If you have, please say sorry to them. There is always someone helping and supporting us stilly, but you never care about them. So please treasure them, once you lost everything, there is no return.

Now, I have got a new pair, but I haven’t abandoned Tom, I put him on my desk so that he can see me every day. The only word I want to say is “Thank you”.