Protect you eyes and remember to wash your glasses

In China, glasses are necessary for high school students. But I didn’t have my own glasses until the last year before I graduated from high school. The reason why I didn’t buy glasses was for my father.

When I was just a small child, my father always emphasized the importance of protecting my eyes, especially when my brother became short-sighted and dropped out of school. He didn’t want to see that his children worked at farms, wearing a pair of glasses, which would be laughed at by natives.

It is not long before I became short-sighted after I was admitted into the best high school in my hometown. It troubled me too much. Sometimes I even had to borrow my classmates’ glasses. But I didn’t tell that to father, since I thought I would get shouted at once I put it to him.

My tutor teacher- Mr. Zhou cared about me very much. He once had one heart-to-heart talk with me. When he referred to this matter, I became silent at first, and then I told him the strange reason. Now it was his turn to be silent.

I finally set up my mind to buy glasses after a boring class, since I couldn’t see the words on the screen. I was both excited and worried when I wear my glasses. Also, I didn’t tell¬† Dad.

It was three months before the college entrance examinations that I phoned Dad that Mr. Zhou wanted to talk with him. I could tell that Dad was very excited. He was proud of his child. Because he knew that only the parents whose child was the best in his class could have a chance to talk with the teacher.

The weekend of that week, I went back home to take some books. He looked like a child who had made mistakes. “I didn’t know that you are short-sighted...¬† I didn’t mean that you couldn’t have your glasses. I just want you to protect your eyes. Your brother didn’t make it to finish his school, while he became short-sighted. I don’t want you to follow him, and I know you won’t...

Then he added one work to inform me to remember to bring my glasses and to wash my glasses. Sometimes I would ask him to wash glasses for me. Then he would drop all his work and do the small work for me. He was careful when doing this work, which always made me feel tired.

The day when I set up to leave home for Nanjing, he said nothing. Finally, he said at the volley” Protect your eyes and remember to wash your glasses.”