Prescription eyeglasses has become a good friend of mine.

I have two big eyes, yes! When relatives and friends see my eyes, they always say” How beautiful the eyes are!” So my father and mother always tell me to protect my eyes, not to be shortsighted. But I know I can’t. I love reading novels very much, especially lying on a comfortable bed and reading. I also like playing computer games or searching the internet. Besides, my parents all wear glasses; I know someone may be shortsighted because of heredity. In any case, I don’t care whether I have glasses or not, I just want to do things I like to do!

So many friends around me wearing all kinds of glasses, some are quite beautiful. I love beautiful glasses; they were made colorful and fashionable. And I also think people with glasses always seem to be a professor, they look like they know a lot!

Time went by so quickly, little by little, I couldn’t see things as clearly as I used to. Eventually, I had my first glasses when I was 15. It was a purple, glass one. I used it every time I read books or playing games. At first, I truly hate it! You know, you need to be careful to take it out of the glasses case, to protect it from being broken down, to remember to take it with you wherever you go and so on; it was just big trouble! Then I got used to it, I found it helps a lot and I can’t do the usual things without it. Three months later, I changed glasses. This time I chose a red one with a hard resin lens, yeah! T was great, it felt gentle and it couldn’t be falling anymore.

Now the prescription eyeglasses I use are the third one, with their company, I do my everyday work and have fun; I think maybe it has become a good friend of mine.