Prepare two pairs of eyeglasses

Once there is a joke, in primary school when teachers pick us up to answer questions they will always say, “The boy who wears glasses please.” But when the same case happens in the university teachers have to say that the boys who haven’t wear glasses answer the question, please.

Frankly speaking, glasses have no fate with me at the moment. Because I’m now a 19 years old fresher with no eyesight problems. When I see people around me wearing glasses I will think about the feeling with it. What is it like? Is it just like a mirror between your eyes and the world? You can see the world clearly through the magic stuff. But for me it’s strange. If there must be one thing that helps me look through the world, the only answer could be “faith”.

A life without faith can’t be imagined. For faith is the guide of my life. It’s like a philosopher standing on a highland in front of me telling me which path to go and letting me see the destination clearly. Faith for a losing soul just like glasses for people who have short-sight problems. It shows you the goal to fight for and encourages you to ignore the obstacle in your way to success. On the contrary, without faith, you will be stumbled by a very tiny rock and then maybe you will stop your steps or drop into the wrong way.

Though I don’t know the feeling with glasses in front of my eyes I can feel the faith in my heart. I think they can bring us the same feelings, confidence, and ease. With eyeglasses, you can bravely make your steps, and with faith, you can bravely fight for your future. You know exactly what to do and how to deal with it. You will never be afraid of things unknown around the corner because you can see clearly the destination you want to reach. It is the source for the power of going ahead.

Maybe I don’t have to experience the feeling of wearing glasses; many people envy me for this reason. Being free from glasses really makes me feel lucky. But I also have a pair of glasses for my heart – faith which I hope everyone can prepare one for themselves.

Prepare two pairs of glasses, one for you to see the world clearly, and the other one for you to make your way to the success smooth whose name is faith.