Nowadays glasses actually become popular among the young

As time goes, the impression of many things begins to turn vague in our minds. But there still be the very one buried deep in our hearts. As for me, the experience concerning my glasses is embedded in my memory.

I recall as a young teenager wearing a big pair of glasses, appearing so ugly. Every time I went to school, I lowered my head, walking quickly, in case of not being laughed at by others. I still remembered the first time I wore the glasses, my classmates jeered at me saying,” The glasses look really silly, don’t you think so?” “Yeah, why not change one pair? You are so funny now, haha!” This disgusting voice always appeared around me, making me feel inferior.

One day, I was washing my face, laying the glasses by the side of the sink. Suddenly, a boy came to me, took my glasses away, and held them up over his head, shouting, “Hi!! Guys, look at what they are in my hand! Who wants them? ”A bit crowd of boys came up to him and passed my glasses one by one, even had a try. I felt quite sad and embarrassed but had nothing to do.

“What are you doing? Don’t you feel ashamed to bully a girl like this?” From my eyes which had been filled with tears, I saw my desk mate standing up and roaring at those boys. The class turned quiet abruptly and fixed their eyes on her and me.” Everybody has their own weakness which is not wanted to be found by others. But, all of you, see what you are doing, you are bringing embarrassment and pain to her just to make jokes to please yourselves. If now you are the one being made fun of by us, what is your feeling from the button of your heart? Maybe you have flown into a rage and fought with them instead of shouting to them. Is wearing such a big pair of glasses really ridiculous? Who can promise not to wear one pair in your future? In my view, you are the silly one just like clowns!”

She seized back my glasses and gave them to me. I embraced her firmly with my tears bursting out and said“Thank you!” in a low and deep voice.

The next day I came into my class, finding her wearing a pair of glasses too. I showed surprise on my face because I remembered that she was not nearsighted. She turned to me to explain, “The glasses are just decoration for me. I really felt it cool to wear one. Now, we are not only the deskmates but also the glasses-mates!” A sense of warmth hit my heart that made me completely feel grateful to her.

Nowadays, eyeglasses actually become popular among the young. I also have changed several pairs of glasses. But the first one, which contains the forgettable experience between my desk mate and me, has been my treasure. Thanks to my glasses, they bring me the start of our fro found friendship. Even though we are living in different cities now, our friendly affection never changes, and I know it will last forever.