Normal prescription glasses are not very expensive

I wore glasses just when I was in middle school, which made me look like a hard-working student. Even though I have been accustomed to wearing glasses until now, it did drive me mad because of its weight.

Nowadays, there has been a great development in glasses in many aspects, such as the kinds, also the materials. In the beginning, I am going to introduce the materials the glasses are made of. There are many types of glasses, for instance, metal glasses, plastic eyeglasses, bendable titanium eyeglasses(which adopts new technology ), and so on. Deferent materials used in glasses contribute to that the bouillabaisse of glasses becomes possible. Semi rim glasses, rimless glasses, and so on have attracted more and more people’s attention, which have gradually become a kind of fashion. The glasses I wear are black, self-rim and made of metal, which is not so heavy and is comfortable and is my fourth glasses.

Just like other accessories, glasses are no more just used for vision correction but also as an ornament. Detailed classification in glasses seems to be of attention. By the way, for students, the correct choice of eyeglasses is of great importance, for the reason that the exact glasses chosen for children may do help their vision correction. In general, the glasses degrees you are wearing are a little lower than your true degrees; it may do something to make your degrees lower. I like watching TV and play computer games, which made my eyes myopia. It is too late to recover my eyesight now, but I have already been fond of wearing glasses.

What’s more, I am crazy about sunglasses, cool and charming when you wear them. Sunglasses are UV radiation, protecting your eyes from the sun. You can wear it not only for protection but also for beauty.

In the end, I’d like to say something about the price of glasses. Normal glasses are not very expensive to except some kinds which are made of some new materials. But if you want to buy some special glasses or even a brand name, it may charge a lot of money. As sunglasses, they are usually more expensive than normal glasses, maybe because of their materials. But prescription sunglasses on a general level is still can be afforded. Maybe you can buy one to be an ornament in summer.