My story of my glasses and me

About 2 years ago, I fell in love with my first glasses. She had thin, blue legs and bright eyes. There was no doubt that we lived together, from the time I opened my eyes to the time I closed them again. We shared every minute just like peas and carrots. When I had a football match with friends, she would like to sit aside and enjoy the whole game. When I stayed up to prepare for my final examination, she’d like to keep me company till the moon hidden. She loved to kiss my nose with a warm hug at the same time. Meanwhile, I love her so deeply that without her the world would fade itself and turned to be no light.

But why do all good things come to an end so fast? An incident, as well as an atom bomb, ruined all my happiness.

One day I had a basketball match around and she sat on the ground, cheering for me. All of a sudden, there was a ball hit her sharply. I couldn’t believe what I have seen—she broke into several parts and passed away in my hands. I could not help bursting into tears in no time. Two-year’s time with her flashed in my mind as if a romantic movie was projected on the screen, though there was no happy ending in it.

Now, I think I have got used to living without her. When love has become a sort of the ordinary, we usually don’t have a keen eye to discover it. Only when we lost our beloved, did we realize that how deeply we have loved it. I have found myself missing her so much although she has left me and never make it back.

Recently I have made a new “girlfriend”. She has long, thin legs like my “ex-girlfriends. I know life should go on and I must face the truth to go forward. You’ve got to put your past behind you before you can move on.

I have learned to cherish every second and shoulder my responsibility to protect her in the critical time.

That’s the story of my glasses and I.