My relationship with eyeglasses

I still remember the first time I saw a girl wearing glasses when I was in Class seven Grade five. She is our math deputy, an ordinary-looking girl with an excellent brain. She has something that really raised our curiosity-a pair of black rim glasses staying quietly over her beautiful eyes. That was awfully cool. The glasses made her extraordinary and outstanding, which deeply impressed me that I eagerly expect a pair of glasses of my own.From then on, I had been busy investigating how to make myself a member of the having-glasses club. But when I ask my father for help, he just smiled and told me that glasses are not as good as I think and when I eventually wear glasses I will find that it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. However, I don’t believe him. Just open the book and look at those intellectuals, most of them have one thing in common-glasses. It is undoubtedly a symbol of high scholarship and wide knowledge.

My dream finally came true in a way that was far from my expectation when I aged sixteen, thanks to those endless examination papers and everlasting homework. I was then struggling for my high school entrance examination, vertigo, and exhausted. I didn’t recognize that my eyesight was failing the first time because I was sitting in the first row of the classroom. But after a location change, it became apparent to me that the things teachers wrote on the blackboard were not as clear as before. Sometimes I had to wide open my eyes to let the vague things become a little clearer. It was fairly constrained and annoying, especially when the teacher spoke and wrote very fast. I could hardly catch up with the teachers and it had a large compact on my study. Glasses walked into my life just at that time, even though my eagerness for them had dissipated as the time going. I was companied by mum to an optical shop, excited and nervous. I felt dizzy when I carefully put up the glasses at the very start. But after about one or two days, I gradually get accustomed to using them and walking with them.

There is an old saying that goes: A constant guest is never welcomed. Things are always perfect when we see them in the distance, but when they come near, when we have a deeper insight into them; they turn out to be full of holes. My relationship with glasses experienced a honeymoon period to a cold period. At first, I consider them as an important tool that came to my assistance when I needed help. What’s more, it made me look different –more mature and implicit. But as the eyeglass got thicker and thicker, it became more and more inconvenient for me to do sports or running with them. They always jump up and down and made it difficult for me to concentrate my mind on the game. So I had to take my glasses off when I was doing sports. But how to keep them became a new problem as I always forget to carry glasses case. In a word, they are no longer attractive but disturbing.

However, every coin has two sides. Whether I like them or not, they have become an important and indivisible part of my daily life and will undoubtedly accompany me in my future life.