My glasses, thank you

Since I was a junior middle school pupil, my pair of glasses have shared joys and sorrows with me for a long time.

When I was young, craved glasses, the one who wears a pair of glasses seems of great learning. Later, I got one pair. Nevertheless, I just look like a wretch struggling in my studies. What’s worse, when I eat hot food in winter, the fog obstructs the view.

With the growing age, I loathe the eyeglasses which are behind the times and want to change a fashion one or even wear contact lenses.

People wear glasses to be able to see better or to protégé their eyes from bright light. But now, glasses have Benn a tool for us to look better, such as dark glasses.
As far as I’m concerned, I want to free myself from glasses gradually. But one thing changed my mind.
One morning, I got up late because of sitting up all night. So, I wash and dress in a mortal hurry. What bad luck! Forgot my glasses.

What’s worse, everything in my sight is vague. I can’t see school buildings, the characters on the blackboard, and my companions clearly. Besides this, everyone considers me changing a lot and looks strange. Why? I did not wear the pair of glasses.

Unconsciously, the glasses have become part of me. It accompanies me for five years. It witnesses my growth.
For the five years, the pair of glasses like a friend, keeping me company.

I study days and nights, preparing for the College Entrance Examination, sometimes I sleep with the glasses due to lack of sleep.

When I got a high score, my eyes were suffused with warm tears. The glasses smile together with me. When I failed in something, the glasses refract sunshine as to say” Never give up”.
These years, I have read a great number of masterworks, such as “Gone with the wind”.From these books, I understood the ways of the world. These years, I watched a lot of TV programs, inquiring into the mysteries of nature and life. These years, I saw the sights of green hills and limpid streams, enjoying the beauty of nature. There years, I had known the concept of value.

I can’t thank my glasses enough. Without it, I can’t see the world clearly and enjoy my life, What’s more, without the eyeglasses; I can’t realize my dream and study in a university now.
My glasses, thank you for your company.