My first pair of prescription glasses

It seems that the prescription glasses really have nothing much to do with me since my eyes have always been OK. Though I admit that they are getting worse, they can still be called OK. So I write this article just to say something about my first pair of glasses which has been with me for half a year. Let’s call it Red because it has red frames. Maybe in a more anthropopathic way the title can be “My name is Red”.

It was not until university that I have Red. One thing that I’m really proud of is that I didn’t wear glasses at any time in my past 17 years. Even in high school, when almost three-quarters of my classmates wore glasses. Although I couldn’t see very clearly in class, it didn’t matter much. And because of my small vanity, I insisted on not getting a pair of glasses to show that I’m a study machine. But I found the problem couldn’t be ignored when I sat in the behind of a big classroom in the university and could hardly see anything on the blackboard. Then I decided to get a pair of prescription glasses but only to wear them when I can’t see what the teacher writes in class.

So Red comes to me and it really works in class, though most of the time it stays comfortably in my schoolbag. Sometimes I may put on it and look at the mirror, trying to find out what the differences are. Then I regrettably find there is no difference except that I look stupid in it. Even so, I still take Red out and put on it unhesitatingly when I can’t see what’s on the blackboard in class. And I still love Red and will clean it patiently after I use it and put it in the glasses case carefully.

I really hope that Red is my first and also my last pair of bifocal glasses because I don’t want my eyes to become worse. Maybe I will use contact lenses in the future as most young girls do. They won’t make you look so stupid and even will make you look more beautiful. But I still love the normal glasses, with lens and frame, and you can choose your favorite color and shape. Maybe in everyone’s schooldays, there was a pair of glasses, which has been with you through countless exams, homework, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. The glasses may be old and ugly, but it has witnessed our growth and accompanied us through our most precious school life.

Though the friendship of Red and me have only lasted for half a year till now, I may treasure it forever even if I won’t use it in the future. I may put a label on the glasses case which reads “Red, in memory of my last schooldays.”