My experience with glasses

I am congenital short-sighted. When I was only 6 years old, I could only sit in the first row to try to tell a variety of characters on the blackboard. My parents are all normal insight; I don’t know why my eyes are so unfortunate that they can’t see things clearly in the distance.

My misfortune is far more than that. When I was 7, I lived in my grandparents’ home during the summer holiday. One day, when I was playing with my little friends on a small hill, I suddenly felt something moving across my left eye, and then I couldn’t open my left eye. It was a branch of a tree that hurt my eye. My grandparents soon took me to the hospital in our town and told my parents to get there. After a careful examination, the doctor said that my cornea was broken. I should be injected right now to ensure it won’t be acutely infected. I will never forget the next moment. The doctor talked to my parents in low voice and stepped towards me with a needle in his hand. My parents pressed my arms and legs. Before I could say a word, the doctor clawed my left eye and inject it into my eye directly. I was sure that it was the most frightening time I have experienced.

From then on, my eyesight was getting worse and worse. My parents had no idea but to buy a pair of glasses for me in my eighth year.

In the following times, I didn’t take much care of my eyes, which affect the rising degree of my eyeglasses. As the degree became deeper and deeper, the glasses got thicker and thicker, heavier and heavier. There is always two deep wear trace on my nose when I take off my glasses. It was the freest time when I see things directly although all things seem unclear. In the meanwhile, glasses have become one important part of my daily life.

In ten years, I have changed my glasses many times, every time with a funny thing. The reason why I change the eyeglasses that I now wear is really unpredictable.

After the national matriculation test, I felt so relaxed that I went to my grandparents’ home. One afternoon, it was so hot that I sweat all the time. So I decide to swim in the river in front of our village. The water was so rapid as a result of the reservoir not too far away. I was so excited that I took off all my clothes and jumped into the water with a beautiful gesture and snuck in the water. It was so free! But when I came out of the water, I suddenly found my glasses had already gone! I didn’t take off my glasses and jumped into the water! I then try my best to search downstream, but it was vain. My mood soon got down; I spend one ambiguous night thanks to the rapid river.

Many other things happened between me and my glasses. Maybe my eyeglasses will keep company with me my whole life. Love my eyes, love my glasses.