May new prescription sunglasses give my good emotion

I remember clearly that the first time I wear glasses is the time I am in middle school. At that time, I sat at the back of the classroom. Someday I found I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly. Then I go to the hospital, the doctor told me that I am myopia. So I began to wear glasses.

From then on, I found if I forgot to take the eyeglasses, my life will not convenient. But I also found that wearing glasses all the way is not a convent. For instance, when I am running in my P.E.class, my glasses always shake, I couldn’t find my way. Another example, in winter, if I go to a warm place from a cold place, my glasses will be covered by steam. The most important is that sometimes I forget to take my glasses with me, I couldn’t see everything clearly, I couldn’t know what the teacher writes on the blackboard, I couldn’t know who say “’ hello” to me on the road.

What was worse, my sight becomes worse, I see things more indistinct. I wear glasses except sleeping,

Now my life cannot leave glasses. Maybe I will say that glasses are the window I can the world from. But I really want to say I really don’t like glasses. A thing being put on your nose I think nobody will like if he or she is crazy. However, with the time developed, there appear a lot of kinds of spectacles frames, the glasses become a kind of adornments. So more people like it, such as me. I choose different kinds of spectacles frames. When I wear clothes of different styles, I choose different glasses. Sometimes glasses make my mood better.

At last, I want to say, summer is coming. I will buy some pairs of prescription sunglasses. May new glasses give me good emotion?