Make my glasses clean and complete

Nowadays, a lot of people are shortsighted because of all kinds of reasons. Therefore, glasses are now in common use all over the world.

In fact, I am also a nearsighted person and my glasses have already accompanied me for several years. That can say my glasses are my good friends. Though I’m very nagged by shortsightedness, I’m very grateful to my glasses for my help.

As we all know, there are all kinds of reasons to be shortsighted, such as watching TV for a too long time, bad reading habits, and so on. And now our recreation amusement couldn’t do without the electronic products. We spend too much time surfing the Internet, playing computer games, or watching videos. All these plus bad reading gestures make our eyes sick. Of course, my eye disease is also because of them. Thanks for my eyeglasses that help me to solve the problem.

Now I still remember the first time to get my glasses. That day, my mother and I went to a glasses shop. I was very happy that I could see the world clearly again, but I also felt a little nervous and disturbed mentally. Then I had a test of my vision, chose a type of eyeglasses I like and I got it. And from that time I know that glasses will keep company with me all my life.

Glasses make me happy and also a little depressed. To be happy is that I can see clearly with its help. To be depressed is that I will depend on glasses all my life and I will take them forever.

Actually, my glasses bring me a lot of conveniences. Firstly, it can help me see clearly and it makes me more focused on my studies. Secondly, it calls my attention to my bad habits. What’s more, it helps me to correct defects of vision and my wrong learning and living habits. However, it also brings me a string of problems. For instance, when I take exercise, it is very troublesome. It causes that me cannot have a good time to have sports. And also when I take something hot, my glasses will become wet and indistinct. Above all, taking the glasses too long will make our eyes out of shape. That’s a serious problem for us girls.

Glasses and I now are very close and we like friends. That’s just as it should be that I feel grateful for its help. I depend on it to see the world and it will accompany me all the time in the future. Though I want to have a good vision, I know I will never be without my glasses and I also make my mind to make my glasses clean and complete. I believe I will be more used to it.