Like to collect a variety of different colors of glasses

Childhood, when I saw someone with a colorful glasses, it is envy; because they can see a different sky. I like nature, like watching the sky, like watching a colorful sky.

Slowly, I collected glasses in different colors, such as yellow, blue, purple..., I love glasses with different colors to look at the sky, watching everything around, because of glasses and full color. I like lavender glasses because they allow all around the purple ink into elegant; I unlike transparent glasses, because they do not change anything; but slowly, I met a real of that I hate, the invisible and transparent, “colored” glasses, which trampled underfoot your dignity.

As a child, my mother taught me: sincere to others, kind, and you’ll be their friend. I have always treated it as a motto to a friend. But when I was exposed to an unfamiliar city, I was treated like a friend once did, but one day a cool roommate, saying: “I am not the same as you; we are different people in the world, you…. ”

Upon hearing this, very sad and sad, but I can only accept it. And it was in when I know I did not know how the world there is a pair of “colored” eyeglasses.

But I still like the past, like to collect a variety of different colors of glasses, but only when I feel sad, take it at the sky, to feel different under different sky color is not as beautiful.