Let’s Be Friends with Prescription Glasses

I didn’t know why. But slowly and slowly, I found another thing was put on my head. So you could guess what it was.

When I was little, I had seen that a lot of people with a pair of glasses before their heads. At that moment, I thought they were broad and profound. Thus I admire them very much. I regard them as people full of wisdom.

As time goes, I had graduated from primary school. My eyes were as good as before. When I was in the second year of my junior middle school, one day, I realized that there were many words on the blackboard that I could see clearly. I was afraid though I appreciated those with glasses. I began to know that I had lost my natural vision and I needed a pair of glasses. When I told, my parents, this, they agreed to buy me a pair of glasses. But from their disappointed expression, I could conjecture that I had destroyed my eyes forever. In the first days, I was very unhappy and sick of myself. I didn’t want to talk with others and always alone. From that day on, I became a girl with a pair of glasses accompanying me all the time despite my unwillingness.

Then I went to lose my sight. But every day and day I used to study with glasses. I didn’t see it as a shame anymore. I became to look at it as normal and didn’t always look down upon it and myself. My parents also didn’t seem so despondent. They used to my changes, too. Two years later, I went to the Eyeglasses store again to buy my second prescription glasses. The glasses didn’t seem so ugly to me.

Some days ago, I bought my last but favorite prescription glasses in the school hospital. I was checked once more. But I had been familiar with it. Now glasses had been a part of the body. It not only made me cultivated, but also they could make me look so pretty. It helped me to have a good result in my study. It made me look like a person full of wisdom. In fact, it turned out so perfect for me and we were a whole. We couldn’t separate from each other anymore.

Some people’s vision may always be so good. They may never have the feeling of wearing glasses and look at the glasses as a part of ourselves. They will never be so brotherly with something. So I think it is a pity for them.

For all of those who have bad eyesight. Glasses are a must and we can not leave them for even a minute. They always accompany us no matter we are happy or sad. They always accompany us no matter we are wealthy or poor. They always accompany us no matter we are a success or a failure. They always are so loyal to us. So they are our true friends.

Let’s be friends with them and never be separate from them.