I’m desperate for the glasses just as what I dreamed

When it comes to eyeglasses, I’m afraid to have poor eyesight. However, my eyesight gets worse and worse finally, and I’m forced to wear glasses for doing everything except for sleeping.

One day, a miraculous gift from God makes me wonder. I’m excited to take the special present. It is really a pair of unique glasses, which completely differs from others. It has no lenses, no frames, no arms, and also no bridge, but I can just get my lenses in - a pair of invisible glasses.

I discover that the glasses have great and special functions afar I own them. First of all, even though I watch TV until midnight, my glasses will protect my eyes. There is nothing to be afraid of then; I’m allowed to watch TV as long as I want. I was forbidden to access the TV when I wore a pair of ordinary glasses. Nevertheless, since I wear the special glasses, my eyesight gets better and better. It is an incredible phenomenon. Not only because of the clear scenery, which I can see through my glasses; but also due to my eyesight becomes better.

On the other hand, all that shocked me is that I even can use eyeglasses to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the vast universe. Although I stay in bed, it seems that I roam in the heavens and travel in space, which dues to the magical glasses. The earth, in which human beings live, is a complete blue sphere with pieces of cloud veil. Just at the moment, I drop down without balance.

On the point of crying, I woke up scarily. It turns out just a good team.

I’m desperate for the glasses just as what I dreamed, or rather, I want to have good eyesight. It is universally accepted that it is convenient for us to devote ourselves to everything without wearing prescription eyeglasses.

Therefore, if you have good eyesight, you should treasure this wealth and protect your eyes from influence. In the meanwhile, what I want to stress is that even if you have bad eyesight, you just need to try your best to prevent your eyesight from getting worse and worse.