If you need to wear glasses, do not hesitate!

As we can see, there are more and more students wearing glasses as a consequence they are shortsighted in recent years, even many primary school students begin to wear glasses because they can’t see the blackboard clearly. Their eyesight becomes worse and worse when they get older.

I think the reason why more and more students are beginning to wear glasses is that on the first hand we students do more reading without a regular break, and watch TV or computer screen a lot in the night. It is no doubt that the behaviors referred to above harm our eyes. But on the other hand, many companies mislead us and tell us false information about our eyesight. I can use my experience to prove this.

When I was in middle school, a company selling glasses came to our school, declaring that they could help us test our eyes to see if we should wear glasses without charging any fees. We, students, are so childish that we think they are kindhearted to help us. To our surprise, almost ninety percent of us, including me, are advised to wear glasses to avoid our eyesight become worse. They also told us the glasses sold by their company are the best choices for us, and they could give us discounts. Now I really feel lucky I didn’t be cheated by them at that time, it was an obvious swindle. In fact, many of us aren’t shortsighted at all, now I am a university student and I do not wear a pair of eyeglasses and my eyesight is good enough. This is the best proof.

Many companies often use this trick to fool consumers, they lie to us we must wear a pair of glasses to protect our eyesight, in fact, our eyesight is not as bad as what they said. They also use models to publicize their products and make consumers realize that glasses are the symbols of knowledge and we will become handsome when we wear glasses. In fact, they are pretended kind and just fool us consumers to earn more money.

Almost all of my friends wearing glasses tell me that I should take care of my eyes and do not wear a pair of glasses, because it will be rather inconvenient and dangerous wearing glasses especially when we have PE classes.

Maybe I am lucky enough, now I don’t wear a pair of glasses. I really feel confident when I am at the playground playing basketball or football. I want to tell all the students studying in primary schools or middle schools to take good care of their eyes and don’t always hesitate if you need to wear glasses.