I wish the glasses become our good friend

Glasses have never been as important as they are now. In the past, people wearing glasses are normally considered with rich technology. Nowadays, glasses never fascinate people in our life anymore. According to statistics, almost eight out of ten high school students are near-sighted. Doubtlessly, glasses have played a significant role in our lives.

As we all know, the basic and the most important function of glasses is to correct visual acuity or protect the eye. From the lens function of sense, it can regulate the amount of light entering the eye to increase the visual acuity, eye protection safety and clinical treatment of eye effect on the refractive error caused by children accompanied by strabismus and refractive abnormalities in patients with headache, the wearing of glasses can be treated later. There are many kinds of glasses: vision correction with glasses, short-sighted glasses, far-sighted, hyperopic glasses, reading glasses, as well as four kinds of astigmatism glasses. Use of eye protection glasses has boons degree bastes goggles, wind mirrors and cents Diluo La Cindy Laura sunglasses and so on.

It is well known that the most common glasses consist of metal frames and optical lenses. However, with the rapid development of social technology, various new kinds of glasses appear. For instance, there are lots of new materials of frames and lenses which have the advantages of lightness and stainless. Nowadays, most people prefer to choose the glasses made by these new materials, such as prescription glasses, pure titanium glasses, semi-rimless glasses, and progressive glasses.
Generally saying, the lenses decide the quality of a pair of glasses. But when it comes to lenses, many people do not know which kind of materials of their own glasses is made with. Actually, there are three major kinds of lenses in the market: prescription lenses, bifocal lenses, and progressive lenses. Especially, the progressive lenses are available in a wide variety of materials, including regular plastic and glass, polycarbonate, high-index, and photochromic lenses.

However, in my point of view, the most important is not the lenses, but the frames of glasses. Many people have a hard job seeing the point of the real function of frames. In addition to its basic function of bracket for lenses worn on the eye, it also has the merit of decoration. Modern pop stressed the need for glasses with the times people face makeup and fashion accessories harmony superb response to social class, learning elegance, fashion, and so symbolic.

So, in my opinion, when choosing a frame for eyeglasses, it is necessary to make sure what kind of frame we want most. First, it should be lightweight and flexible, and then it should be strong or hypoallergenic. From my experience, stainless steel and titanium are thinner, lighter, stronger, and even brighter; all these features make them suitable for children’s frames very much. Between these two frames, titanium frames are better than steel frames (at least for me) even though the former is much more expensive than the latter.

As for the buying of glasses, I want to say that we are very lucky since we are living in the information times. We can collect all kinds of various information to help us buying satisfactory glasses. With the wide use of the Internet, it is even possible to buy perfect glasses from the network. On the Internet, we can choose from a variety of glasses and can buy them at a reasonable price even at a discount price. Buying glasses online is very convenient, first, select the frames and lens. Then enter the prescription for our glasses and then we can get glasses delivered to our door. Just a stick, easy ordering, try it at once!

When we have a pair or several pairs of glasses, unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use and keep the glasses correctly. The same thing happens to me. From the first time I wore a pair of glasses, I have used three pairs, among them, and two of them are destroyed because of lacking knowledge of keeping glasses. It is recommended that while using a pair of glasses, you should use them carefully and cautiously like our eyes. Take the pair of glasses lightly and put the side with the frame on the desk. Besides, you should use the spectacle cases to carry your glasses when do not use them and use lenses demisting cloths to wipe them.

As a student, we should realize more glasses even though we do not need them in a short time. For instance, sunglasses, sports spectacles, kid’s eyewear, contact lens, reading glasses. My father is a presbyopia sufferer, when seeing near sights, he had to take the eyeglasses off, but when seeing far sights, they had to wear them again. He almost was involved in taking on and off glasses! Recently, I am amazed to find new developed progressive reading glasses with two visions that can solve this problem. But I am still upset because I suffer the presbyopia and myopia at the same time! Is there a kind of glasses that can solve my problem? If so, I believe this kind of glasses will be the most popular reading eyeglass.

At last, I wish the glasses become our good friend and tomorrow will be better with the help of glasses.