I was so eager to have a pair of glasses

When I was a child, I was so eager to have a pair of glasses. I appreciate people with glasses as they look so cool, beautiful, and handsome. Also, people would like to associate these people with hard-working students or well-known professors. I dreamed of having a pair of glasses of myself. I try my best to realize my dream. I sit before TV frequently and read books in damp light. No matter how many times my parents reminded me because I know what I was doing and it’s my secret!

The dream comes true when I was in junior high school. The first day I wear the eyeglasses I was so excited that I even can’t fall asleep. I imagine myself as a pretty girl and people passed by smile at me with appreciative expressions. As days go by, the excitement goes down gradually. Troubles come following the step. It’s very uncomfortable with glasses sitting on my nose and ears. I have to say goodbye to my favorite football. On one hand, if I run very fast, glasses will fall from my ears. On the other hand, it’s easy to be injured as the football match is fierce and other players may hit me on the face accidentally.

The most annoying thing is that whenever I go into the bathroom or have meals, I have to put off my glasses. With steamed water attach to the glass, I can not say anything. I like Hogue very much. I can’t see with glasses but if I take off the glasses I can’t see anything, too. I hated my eyeglasses very much.

How I regretted I didn’t protect my eyes! How I miss the days I can see everything clearly! It’s just too late.

Now I regard the glasses as a good friend. I can’t leave it every single minute. The first thing after getting up is to look for my friend. He companies me to do everything in my daily life. I clean it carefully every day and never hate him anymore. I’m very happy that we have become good friends now.

My glasses saw the growth of a child. He is an old friend and stays with me silently and patiently. I love him very much.