I was madly clinging to eyeglases

When I was a child, my mother always admonished me not to watch TV for over 2 hours every day, not to let my eyes be too closed to books when I was reading them, not to read books in the dark, and so on, she said, if I did these things, I would be near-sighted and had to wear glasses every day. I was afraid of wearing glasses because I was firmly convinced that the child who wore glasses would be regarded as a freak and no one else would like to play with him or her. Thanks to my belief, I protected my eyes well, and now I still have the admiring sight.

Originally, I didn’t think I would wear glasses until my friends appeared with a cool pair of prescription glasses. I liked that pair of glasses so much that I wished I was near-sighted. I told this crazy thought to my best friends, she laughed heavily. She told me, there were many kinds of glasses, different glasses had different functions, there are some cool glasses used to keep out the wind when we were riding on our bikes. I was so lighted as soon as I know this. She took me to a shop selling glasses; the saleswoman introduced a variety of glasses to us, a kind one which was made up with a special chemical material so that they were not breakable, and another kind of lighter than the ordinary one. There I chose my first glasses and bought them. My mother was very surprised when I came back home wearing my new fashion glasses, she can’t understand my behavior. She thought I was the one who sought out hardships. But I was very satisfied with them. Excitement, happiness, freshness made me couldn’t sleep well that night. When I recall this thing now, I realize how childish I was.

Last weekend, I bought a pair of recessive glasses, which were blue, they made my eyes looked blue and as a spirit in the movies. This kind is very popular among us; they meet our need of pursuit for new.

As the technology developed, there will be more and more kinds of glasses for different functions which can meet more people’s requirements, like defending radiation… …
At the first, I disliked glasses, then I liked them gradually, and now, I was madly clinging to them. So wonderful it is!