I Treat Glasses as My Good Friend

“I can’t believe that you didn’t recognize me. You know, I was the judge of your debate versus Class 3, Grade 3.”My teacher said to me, in a very surprised voice.

“Er… I am really sorry about that. My eyesight is too poor to see your face clearly…” I try to explain something. But I wonder if it lacks persuasiveness.

It is so depressing to me to admit that now I need a pair of glasses, toward which I really have an antipathy.

The world used to be so clear to me. I see limpid water flowing gracefully and bright sunshine radiating brilliant light. I enjoy staring at the starring sky and watch the nice speckles of the peaceful moon. I appreciate the surrounding scenes without the “help” of glasses. However, what disappoints me is that the world is quite ”different” from time to time. I call it “a hazy world”. It feels like that mists have blurred my views. I try in vain to see something far away from me because there are only dim figures in the distance. And every time I want to observe the architecture in the city, there are only vague outlines in my view.

I complain about glasses and get near forgetting the benefits it has brought to me.

When it comes to the weather in Nanjing, we always think of words such as “a stove”, ”extremely hot” or something like this. In summer, the sunshine is dazzling, the road is scalding and the temperature is high. As we know, without the side effects that sunscreen cream may cause, prescription sunglasses are really a good choice for us to protect our faces and eyes.

I also have many beautiful stories with glasses. When I was a child learning swimming, swimming goggles protected my eyes from being hurt by water. I like my small blue goggle and treated them as my best friend during my childhood.

Just like wearing eyeglasses, everything has many different aspects. We can’t pass judgments on them according to just one aspect. It is not glasses that cause my bad eyesight. It is glasses that protect my eyes when the sunshine is dazzling, the wind is hard, or water nearly touches my eyes.
The world is clear again when I wear glasses. I may still regret not having protected my eyesight, but I no more complain about glasses.

I like it when I enjoy my life with clear sight. I like it when I treat glasses like my friend.
I will recognize you at once next time.
Believe me, please.