I think I need a pair of glasses.

Always, I believe I have healthy eyes. I can read books, watch movies, and look at the blackboard clearly. But, one day, I find the world turned really fuzzy.

The whole city is fulfilled with heavy traffic. No clear sky, but a high proportion of carbon dioxide causing global warming. No Clear River, but impure water with an unpleasant smell. No little birds singing, but the noise of trucks and planes, which drive me mad.

People become apathetic about others, it seems the only thing that merits their attention is just how to get a high position and not bad paid. No one will care about the hunger in Africa, no helping hand, and just stand and fight.

Remember, in my dream, children sing a song of love for every boy and girl.
Remember, the sky is blue and fields are green, and laughter is the language of the world.
But one day I wake, and all I see is just a fuzzy world.
I think I need a pair of glasses.
I need one, which helps me enjoy the blue sky with fluffy white clouds, the green grass with stream flowing, and clean air with the smell of spring.
I need one, which helps me find back the sincere smile on peoples’ faces, find out that we are all volunteers to give a helping hand, and everyone is glad to care enough for the living.
I need one, which helps me look deep into the world and find back the love. I’m not creating, just find back the better place we have ever own before, a better place for you and me.
There’s a love that cannot lay. There a strong love.
It only cares for joyful giving,
If we try, we shall see. With the glasses of love, we cannot feel fear or death. We stop existing and start living.
Then it feels that always, love’s enough for us growing, go back to the better place, a wonderful world, for you and me and the entire human race.
With the glasses of love, you’ll really care enough forth living. And the dream we were conceived in will reveals a joyful face.
And the world we once believed in Will shine again in grace.
Then why do we keep strangling life, wound this earth, crucify its soul?
We just lost that pair of glasses, the one full of love.
Only with love, the world is heavenly God’s glow.
Only with love, we could fly so high.
Let our spirits never die.
In my heart, I feel you are all my brothers.
Find back the world, a world with no fear.
There we’ll cry happy tears.
What indeed do we need, just a pair of glasses full of love.
Just a heart full of love, full of thanks.
We could really get there, the better place we have owned before.
If you care enough for the living, for the earth, we can really heal the world and heal our soul.