I still want to be a “glasses girl” with my dear old glasses.

A metal frame and two pieces of thick lenses make up the little thing that sits on the bridge of my nose every day. I bet you have made out what I’m talking about. Yes, they are glasses.

Many people must have been asked such a question: What’s the first thing you do the moment you open your eyes every morning? I don’t know others’ answers, but for me, the first thing I will do is to find my glasses and set them in front of my eyes.

I started to wear glasses before I entered primary school. Maybe too much time on TV and books spoiled my eyes, with genetic factors contributing to my myopia.

At first, I mean, when I was little, I felt terrible about hiding my eyes under two strangely-shaped lenses. As a result of wearing the so-called “bottle bottom”, I was always laughed at as “the little four eyes”. It’s not a delightful memory for me. So I began to try my best to get away from the ugly glasses

As I was getting older, an alternative for glasses came into my sight. They are called contact lenses which are placed directly on your eyeballs so that others won’t find them ugly frames on your face. After getting some information about it, I went to the glasses store and bought them.

I started to wear the invisible glasses and soon found it a little complicated to change the contact lenses. You should wash your hands carefully to keep them clean so that no bacteria will be found. Then you must sit stiffly in front of a mirror with your hands pulling your eyelids aside and place the lens on your eyeball. In the first few weeks, I was so happy to throw away the old glasses that I didn’t feel uneasy about the complex process that compelled me to get up 15 minutes earlier than my roommates and sometimes even brought uncomfortable feelings to me. I felt excited because no one called me “the little four eyes” anymore and some of my classmates even told me I was more charming than before without glasses. Lost in the compliment, I abandoned my old glasses at the corner of a box.

However, something happened and changed my view. One night, our class went out to celebrate Christmas. We were singing and eating when my contact lenses fell off my eyes. My world became vague suddenly and I felt dizzy. My first reaction was to grab my glasses just like what I did every morning, but I ended up reaching nothing. My friends were a little scared as they found my eyes were red. Finally, they supported me back to my dormitory for fear of my condition getting worse.

After finding my old eyeglasses, a sense of safety was around me. I realized some facts that had been ignored by me for a long time. What is really suitable for a fast-paced student is a pair of glasses which is a little ugly but comfortable and easy to wear. Maybe it will decrease your beauty but it will add a sense of learning to you. What’s more, it will never turn your eyes red and make you feel dizzy just because you have worn it too long.

I put my old glasses which have accompanied me for so many years on the bridge of my nose again, with a smile of relief. Yes, I still want to be a “glasses girl” with my dear old glasses. Because it’s the one that suits me best.