I still use my initial prescription glasses

When I came across this chance to tell the story between my glasses and me, I suddenly found that four years had passed since I first met my eyeglasses. So I thought the time had come to me to take a stroll down the memory lane with my dear glasses.

It was anything but easy for me to admitting the fact that I had to wear glasses not long after I entered senior high school because I always assumed that once putting on glasses, I would be enslaved and my eyesight would become even poorer and drop even faster than wearing no glasses.

But soon my myopia had posed a serious problem to me whom I could not avoid- In classes; by no means could I see the writings on the blackboard clearly without prescription glasses. My classmates strongly recommended I wear a pair of glasses in no time. Looking at their eyes and their eyeglasses, I nodded.

With a bit anxious I went to the hospital to check my eyesight and picked out a pair of glasses following the doctor’s advice.

Do you know what my feeling was when I first looked through the crystalline lenses? An entirely new world! Everything was shining precisely in my eyesight! And I swimmingly figured out the tiny letters on the eye chart and even a person’s facial expression in the distance! You cannot imagine how exciting I was then!

At that time, my prejudice against spectacles was eliminated thoroughly and never returned. And to my delight, as time went by, my glasses became my best assistant that I no longer had to face a fuzzy world. It really helped me a lot in many aspects that I had to explain.

As we all know, over 90 percent of the information we get is from vision. In this way, glasses have given me the most important access to more information, which are vital to us all in this new era.

And actually, wearing glasses can perfectly prevent us from recounting a continuous decrease of our eyesight, which was told by the doctor and was exactly true.

Last but not least, I seem to be more confident since I put on my glasses, because with my glasses, I am more sensible of the environment around me and am ready to recognize my friends quickly lest I should “ignore” them and cause embarrassment.

Now four years have passed and I still use my initial eyeglasses, which means my eyesight is quite stable with slightly short sight. Here I want to show my gratitude towards my glasses, thank you for giving a new clear world back to me! Thanks to those who have invented glasses and produce glasses!