I still like glasses though they bring me a lot of troubles

The first time I contact glasses was when I was a little girl. The adults said that a person wearing glasses is a person who knows almost everything, so I secretly tried my father’s sunglasses on to know the feeling of being a wise person. Though that pair of glasses was too large and the world I saw through it was grey, I still felt very contented.

Because of the curiosity about wearing glasses, I didn’t care much about protecting my eyesight. When I found that I couldn’t see things very clearly, I immediately asked my mother to buy a pair of glasses for nearsightedness me though I was not seriously myopic. At that time I was a junior school student. I didn’t feel a bit sad or worried, instead, I felt happy because I had my own glasses, and I felt like a smart person.

However, it didn’t take me a long time to realize that eyeglasses are very annoying things. At first, wearing them was an interesting thing and I could be admired by classmates, but, if you wear them for a long time, you will find that the feeling is not so comfortable. Your eyes will feel weary and your bridge of the nose will be painful. What’s more, the glasses always slide down, and the range you can see is limited. At that time my interest had already worn out, and I didn’t use them anymore. I regretted not protecting my eyes and buying glasses.

The time I had to wear glasses in every class was in senior school. For the reason that we had to take the college entrance examination and choose a good university, we spent a long time studying and ignored protecting the sight of our eyes. But I think it pays. By the same token, my glasses were the witness of my handwork in those sweet and painful senior school days.

Today, I don’t feel happy or annoyed while wearing glasses anymore. But, to tell the truth, I still like glasses though they bring me a lot of troubles. Because glasses can help me see the world clearly, at the same time, it’s a mask for me. I am a shy person and sometimes don’t feel comfortable in a long-time and direct eye contact with other people. But I feel better when there are glasses in between. Though glasses are transparent, I feel at ease behind them.

And I learn two things from glasses. One is that we should not allow things we use like glasses to influence our mood and our thinking; we should learn how to evaluate things rationally so that we can make the right choice and the wise decision. It’s essential for us students because we may face numerous things than any generation in the past. Once we started the wrong beginning, our whole life would be influenced more or less. The other is that no matter how our life comes to be, we should have fewer complaints. Though I have to lean on glasses the rest of my life, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. We can’t predict what will happen in the future and we can’t control the track of our life, but we can choose to be happy, be optimistic. We can enjoy our life no matter what happened, if only we feel good.