I see my loved people through glasses in a clear perspective

Two pieces of glass, round or rectangular; a rim that suits you best, and some small decorations form a pair of glasses. At first, you are unfamiliar with it and gradually it becomes an indispensable part of your life. You are accustomed to wearing it to observe the world in a clearer view.

Glasses have accompanied me since my childhood. My eyesight became poor when I was about ten years old. Not because I was shortsighted but because of strange eye disease-“amblyopic” in the professional term. Although I began wearing glasses to correct faulty vision, it had no obvious improvement in my sight. Also, I need to cover my good eye with a black cloth on the eyeglass to use the weak eye more. It made me look like a one-eyed person or a pirate. I was a little girl then and I thought it was so weird and ugly. So I often took off the cloth from my glasses when in school.

Well, this was the story about how I missed the best chance to free myself from glasses. With my growing up, the healthy eye became shortsighted. The only good point is that I didn’t need to be a pirate anymore. On the other hand, an increasing number of my classmates around wearied glasses, and I was just an ordinary one of that group.

Even though so many students having glasses is not a nice phenomenon, I was still happy because I was not one of the only several special students who wore glasses in class.

Buying a new pair of glasses always means a turning point to me. From primary school to middle school, from high school to the university, with my eyesight degree increasing and the rim getting old, some glasses have become a past. There is one exception. I lost it in an art classroom and was not eager to search for it because of the reason that I didn’t like this pair. Therefore I had a new one soon and didn’t see the gold-rimmed glasses again.

The change of glasses can influence one’s appearance a lot and the personality can be mirrored from the shape and color of one’s glasses in a way. As for myself, I like the light purple rim for it looks quiet and sweet.

As the development of society, glasses are not just the symbol of the intellectual, but also a simple way to show yourself and a reflection of your style.

When I eat something hot, a layer of vapor covers my glasses and I can see nothing; when I sweat heavily, they slip down a little from my nose. Glasses are really an extra burden and cause embarrassment occasionally, but after all, I need them and they give me much more help than trouble. They attend almost every important moment in my life. Numerous exams including College Entrance Examination; breathtaking scenery all the way; significant events happened to meā€¦And most beautiful thing is that I see my loved people through glasses in a clear perspective.