I owned my first pair of prescription glasses at last

As a little child in primary school, I thought wearing glasses was so elegant and graceful that I desperately appreciated people who had a pair of glasses. Every time I went to my grandparents’ home with my parents, what I most like to do was wearing my grandfather’s old-fashioned glasses. I even had it in my mind that one who was wiring glasses must be knowledgeable about a particular subject. When reading these, you may laugh at me. But it’s my true thought no matter how foolish and unbelievable it seems to be.

However, both my parents have very good sight. Maybe because of the advantage of genes, I also had good sight. So I began to follow some bad habits to make myself short-sighted, such as reading in a dim room, studying, or watching TV for a long time without a breakā€¦

“No pains, no gains”. Finally, during the first year that I attended junior high school, I found it’s hard for me to see the words on the blackboard clearly. I came to realize the consequence of being short-sighted.

I owned my first pair of prescription glasses at last, and I have a new world: Everything is so clear, so nice before my eyes.